Taverna services for Systems Biology



If you have any questions, comments or seek help with our WS or any other resource, please contact us via tav4sb discussion group or directly at tav4sb@mimuw.edu.pl.

Client installation

Taverna Workbench client is just one option to use the Tav4SB WS operations (see the docs in BioCatalogue); for example, you can use WSs directly in Python or, virtually, any other programming language of your choice. However, to run exemplary experiments you'll need the Taverna Workbench client, so if you want to do that:

  1. Download and install or unpack the most recent Taverna Workbench client (at least the 2.3.0 version).
    Note: for Tav4SB WS operations and for most of the provided workflows you can find the Taverna Workbench 1 version (in SCUFL format), if you prefer, but beware - those have more bugs and may be not up to date.
  2. If you're unfamiliar with the Taverna Workbench, please, first look through Taverna docs - the Quick start guide should be fine for the beginning.
  3. (optional) For some of the workflows to work you will need additional Java libraries, available as JARs. You can download them all now and unpack them to a Taverna's library folder, or you can copy selected libraries later, when and if needed.

That's it! You're ready to run our exemplary experiments. Don't forget to check out a comprehensive list of available resources.