• CAMBerVis v1.5
    • CAMBerViS software (zip package, executables in the bin folder)
    • Manual for CamberVis
    • Example 1 of CAMBerVis usage to identify inconsistent annotations of TISs (Translation Initiation Sites)
    • Example 2 of CAMBerVis usage to identify highly conserved gene families, but annotated in very few strains
    • Example 3 of CAMBer usage to generate and plug in input data for CAMBerVis (it is a small example on 2 strains, due to the time consumption issue, big datasets are available in the Input Data section)
    • Video - example of CamberVis (.avi in zip package)
    • Video - example of an older version of CamberVis (.avi in zip package)
    Source code of CAMBerVis is freely available at the project website:
  • CAMBerVis v1.5 platform-dependent installers
  • CAMBer
  • Executable scripts and source code for the CAMBer software. For the most recent version of the software please visit the project webpage. Here is manual describing usage of the CAMBer software.