DrML - Maximum Likelihood Estimation in the Duplication Loss Model

(c) Copyright 2012 by P.Gorecki and O.Eulenstein


General description
DrML is a program for estimating maximum likelihood of evolutionary scenarios and computing optimal evolutionary scenarios in the duplication-loss model based on results presented in [1].
Click here for the description of the software. File included in the package below.

DrML sources (use "tar xzvf drml10.tgz" to uncompress): drml10.tgz

The result of experiments
The trees taken from version 7 of: http://treefam.org. Branch lengths in the species tree taken from http://www.timetree.org/. Rooted trees from unrooted TreeFam trees computed by: URec.
Input files
The sets of gene and species trees:
  • tf7.txt - TreeFam 7 species tree with branch lengths.
  • directory of input files - input files in the format "GeneTree EOLN SpeciesTree" (use with -p option) for each TreeFam 7 tree.

Maximum likelihood models and algorithms for gene tree evolution with duplications and losses P. Górecki, G. Burleigh, O. Eulenstein, BMC bioinformatics 12 (Suppl 1), S15, 2011

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